In response to the ongoing public health emergency, an interactive web-based dashboard hosted by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University, to visualize and track reported cases in real-time, has been set up.

The new PowerSearch tool will allow you to search for estates names, block names, topolabels (including latest landmarks), roads, roads_colloquial.

New layers have been added to our Map Viewer which now includes Colloquial Road Names and individual styles for Estates and Blocks.


New updates to the Basemap layers have been effected and now reflect the latest changes applied by Tech Services Dept. 

It was at the INSPIRE Conference 2018 in Antwerp that Fabio Bittencourt from Spatineo presented the Spatineo Service Quality Awards and announced that the Gibraltar Geoportal had achieved the best improvement in availability of INSPIRE Services for the period.

Following requests from users, the 3D Obstacle Limitation model has been updated to now show the maximum permitted heights relative to the ground level at the selected point.

Two new map documents are now available to download in pdf format. The first is a typical 1:5000 colour map printed on a single sheet that emulates the format of traditional MOD maps of Gibraltar.

As part of the ongoing work carried out by Technical Services Department, the map on the Geoportal has been updated to include the most recent completed developments.

Following the successful launch of the Gibraltar Geoportal, the Department of the Environment and Climate Change together with the Information Technology and Logistics Department have recently finalised upgrading Gibraltar’s Geoportal. The Geoportal is comparable to products such as Google Earth and Apple Maps but is more interactive and contains additional environmental and geographic information that can be used by the public and businesses alike. New features contained in the latest upgrade include an address web finder and population statistics data for Gibraltar.

A new GIS layer has been developed by RAF Gibraltar, the Director of Civil Aviation and ITLD to describe to Developers and Constructors the height limitations on construction imposed by safety requirements of aircraft operating into Gibraltar Airport. The overlay will allow Developers to “drop a pin” on the location they have decided to construct to discover the maximum height they are allowed to build and not impinge on the safe operation of aircraft operating from the Airport.

Gibraltar Geo Facts

Coordinates: 36°7′N 5°21′W
Max Height: 426 m
Length of the Rock: 6km approx
Planar Area: 6.55Km2
Surface Area: 8.40Km2
Water: 0
Caves: 140+
Roads: more than 48km
Tunnels: 52km approx
Population: 29,752 (2011 estimate)